Efficient time integrators for ordinary differential equations

Efficient time integrators for ordinary differential equations

Organizers: Roldán, Teo (Universidad Pública de Navarra), Rández, Luis (Universidad de Zaragoza)



This special session deals with recent advances on time stepping methods for differential equations with applications to some relevant PDEs. These equations arise in different contexts, either directly or after the spatial discretization of partial differential equations. Special emphasis is placed on the efficient integration of problems arising in different applications. This special session also aims at promoting and enhancing collaborations between researchers with interest in the above-mentioned topics.


Keywords: Runge-Kutta methods; Initial Value Problems; Low-storage Runge-Kutta methods


Session 9. Friday 11:30 - 12:45. Room B2.

Chair: Roldán, Teo (Universidad Pública de Navarra)



Contribution title

Roldán, Teo

Universidad Pública de Navarra

Numerical Positiviy for Runge-Kutta methods

Rández, Luis

Universidad de Zaragoza

Low order, low storage exponentially fitted explicit Runge-Kutta methods

Calvo Cabrero, Maria Paz

Universidad de Valladolid

Efficient time integrators in HMC computations



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