Homenaje a Francisco-Javier Sayas

Homenaje a Francisco-Javier Sayas

Minisimposio en memoria de Francisco-Javier Sayas

Minisimposio en memoria de Francisco-Javier Sayas

Durante la celebración del congreso CEDYA / CMA 2020 se organizará un minisimposio dedicado a la memoria de Francisco-Javier Sayas González (1968-2019). En las sesiones de este minisimposio se reunirán muchos de los amigos, estudiantes y colegas cercanos a Sayas, para compartir resultados propios de las áreas de investigación en las que él trabajó.

Este minisimposio ha sido organizado por Norbert Heuer (P. Universidad Católica de Chile) y Salim Meddahi (Universidad de Oviedo). Consta de seis sesiones con charlas de 20 minutos cada una y las dos charlas plenarias a cargo de Bernardo Cockburn y Salim Meddahi.

Session 2. Monday 18:00 – 20:00. Room A3.

Chair: Heuer, Norbert (P. Universidad Católica de Chile)



Contribution title



Tribute to F.-J. Sayas


Tribute to F.-J. Sayas

Rapún, María Luisa

Technical University of Madrid

Numerical methods for direct and inverse multiple scattering problems for mixed sound-soft, sound-hard and penetrable objects

Perugia, Ilaria

University of Vienna

DGFEM-BEM mortar coupling for the Helmholtz problem

Banjai, Lehel

Heriot-Watt University

FEM/BEM, explicit/implicit discretization of the wave equation in the second order formulation

Sánchez-Vizuet, Tonatiuh

University of Arizona

Coupling BIE and HDG: an application to a free boundary problem from plasma physics.


Session 4. Tuesday 12:15 – 13:55. Room A3.

Chair: Rapún, María Luisa (Technical University of Madrid).



Contribution title

Jeon, Youngmok

Ajou University (Korea)

The Immersed Hybrid Difference Method for Interface Problems

Rieder, Alexander

University of Vienna

A superconvergence phenomenon in Runge-Kutta convolution quadrature for the wave equation

Hiptmair, Ralf

Seminar for Applied Mathematics, ETH Zurich (Switzerland)

Acoustic scattering problems with convolution quadrature and the method of fundamental solutions

Hohage, Thorsten

University of Göttingen (Germany)

Learned Infinite Elements

Joly, Patrick

ENSTA ParisTech

A convolution quadrature approach to wave propagation in fractal trees



Session 5. Tuesday 18:00 – 20:00. Room A3.

Chair: Hohage, Thorsten (University of Göttingen (Germany))



Contribution title

Domínguez, Víctor

Public University of Navarre

deltaBEM: a rigorous theoretical analysis


Turc, Catalin

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Planewave Density Interpolation Methods for the EFIE on Simple and Composite Surface

Bespalov, Alex

University of Birmingham (United Kingdom)

Raviart-Thomas interpolation on anisotropic elements with application to the BEM for Maxwell's equations

Costabel, Martin

University of Rennes

On the coercivity of space-time boundary integral equation

Gómez, Macarena

University of Sevilla

A Posteriori error for parabolic linear equations using TR-BDF2 and FEM methods



Tribute to F.-J. Sayas


Session 6b. Wednesday 16:15 – 17:55. Room A3.

Chair: Domínguez, Víctor (Universidad Pública de Navarra)



Contribution title

Selgas, Virginia

University of Oviedo

Steklov and modified transmission eigenvalues as target signatures in an inverse fluid-solid interaction problem

Nigam, Nilima

Simon Fraser University

Steklov eigenvalue problems

Bruno, Oscar


Waves, scattering, eigenfunctions, and electromagnetic design

Monk, Peter

University of Delaware (USA)

An HDG method for the Steklov eigenvalue problem

Cakoni, Fioralba

Rutgers University (USA)

Solvability of the Time Dependent Interior Transmission Problem



Session 6c. Wednesday 18:00 – 20:00. Room A3.

Chair: Cakoni, Fioralba (Rutgers University, USA)



Contribution title

Du, Shukai

University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)

Generalized projection-based error analysis of HDG methods

Sánchez, Manuel

Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

Symplectic Hamiltonian finite element methods for elastodynamics

Solano, Manuel

University of Concepción

An HDG method for Maxwell’s equations in heterogeneous media

Bacuta, Constantin

University of Delaware (USA)

Least Squares Discretization and Preconditioning for the Reaction-Diffusion Problem

Heuer, Norbert

P. Universidad Católica de Chile

DPG for Reissner-Mindlin plates



Tribute to F.-J. Sayas


Session 8. Thursday 18:00-20:00. Room A3.

 Chair: Meddahi, Salim (Universidad de Oviedo)



Contribution title

Oyarzúa, Ricardo

University of Bío-Bío (Chile)

A priori and a posteriori error analysis of a momentum conservative mixed-FEM for the stationary Navier-Stokes problem

Márquez, Antonio

University of Oviedo

A decoupled preconditioning method for a mixed Stokes-Darcy model

Praetorius, Dirk

Institute of Analysis and Scientific Computing (Austria)

Goal-oriented adaptive finite element methods with optimal computational complexity

Gaspar, Francisco

Universidad de Zaragoza

A parallel-in-time fixed-stress split method for the Biot's consolidation model

Neilan, Michael

University of Pittsburgh (USA)

Scott-Vogelius finite elements on curved domains



Tribute to F.-J. Sayas





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