Advances in multiresolution and subdivision techniques and its applications
Algorithms and structure in Numerical Linear Algebra
Dynamical Systems: Qualitative aspects and applications
Efficient time integrators for ordinary differential equations
Iterative Processes and Non Linear Equations
Local and Non-Local Partial Differential Equations
math-in: Success Stories between Academia and Industry
Modelling and computational methods in quantitative finance
Nonlinear PDEs and its applications in Natural Sciences
Numerical integration of partial differential equations
Optimal Control and Inverse Problems
Reduced Order Modelling
Successful cases of mathematical applications in biology, ecology and medicine
Tribute to Francisco-Javier Sayas
Electromagnetic problems arising in industry modelling and numerical techniques
Industrial Problems and PDEs
Numerical methods for balance laws and non-conservative hyperbolic systems
Progress on numerical modeling of geophysical flows for environment and natural hazards


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